Thoughtfully created, beautifully simple, profoundly effective brand design


Attracting your dream customers is an art
and beautiful brand design is where it begins.

Whether you are a creative heart, a spiritual soul or a down-to-earth company, your image should tell a simple and clear story about who you are and what your business stands for. There is a craft to doing this well.

finessence is here to help you to develop a perfectly aligned and simply beautiful brand identity to show your target audience the very best of your business and given them confidence in your ability to meet their needs.


Logo Design / Business Photography / Web Design/ Marketing Material / Copywriting / 

Social Media Styling

If you are yet to launch your business, the first thing we do is clarify the essence of your company, what makes you unique and what your customers‘ needs are. We shape this into a vision for your identity with bespoke communication and a unique design that not only appeals to you but also specifically to your dream clients.

If you already have an existing brand identity, we will work together to enhance your branding to create a meaningful, distinctive presence that reflects you and your business in a compelling way which at the same time communicates your expertise to your customers.


Working with sensitivity to finesse your brand.

Your individual needs are always my top priority. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions here. As a freelance designer and photographer, with a lot of heart, passion and vision, I support self-employed people, associations and companies to achieve coherence in their branding and an identity and visual presence that they adore.

We fit together if you….

…love my design and vibe

…are open to new ideas and concepts

…are willing to put time and commitment into the process

…understand the value of a clear, coherent appearance and are prepared to invest in your business

…also want to make the world a little more beautiful and better

I will help you to create a thoughtful yet
elegantly simple brand identity and refine your communication to create that consistent,
authentic and magnetic appeal that is vital
to the success of your business.  

Contact me for a free introductory meeting so that I can get to know you and your vision for your company and we can discuss together how and where I can best support you.